The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Recipe

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Recipe


Heat up 250 ml or 1 cup milk with 1-2 tbsp honey (or sugar) in a small pan over a medium heat until steaming.

Once it starts simmering add 25 g dark chocolate (or milk chocolate) and let sit for a couple of seconds before you start mixing. This allows it some time to melt better. 


In a seperate small bowl, whisk 1 tbsp cacao with a splash of the warm milk to properly dissolve the cacao before you add it to the small pan. This ensures your hot chocolate will be lump free. 

Ps. secret ingredient alert** add a dash of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.. this will enhance the yummy chocolate flavor. 

Pour into your mug, add 1-2 tbsp whipped cream to float on top.


Top off with marshmallows and feel free to toast them a little using a torch or grate a little more chocolate on top.

Enjoy your lovely hot chocolate <3 


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